Without question, there is no fanbase more passionate than Razorback Nation. Rain or shine, we show up like a wild band of rabid Razorback hogs, ready to support the cardinal and white. We call them. We cheer, get loud, and create one of the most electrifying environments in college sports. And, as Razorbacks, we are challenged to NEVER yield. Fueled by this passion, this fanbase has always provided the edge that has inspired and willed our Razorbacks to win. 

It’s no secret that NIL has dramatically changed college athletics. Strong NIL programs have become critical for attracting top talent, competing, and winning; especially in the SEC. Sure, there are uncertainties and concerns about its impact on the game and traditions. It’s also doing SO MUCH GOOD for nonprofits in our communities, for businesses and for our student-athletes. Besides, change like this can represent an opportunity with the right perspective. If you think about it, NIL presents an opportunity for Razorback Nation to directly impact athletic program success. In this state and with this passionate fanbase, united together under ONE Razorback – NIL should be our absolute right to win. We are the only program in the SEC that doesn’t have a divided fanbase and/or doesn’t share the spotlight with professional sports franchises. It may not be the way any of us envisioned it, but this is perhaps the gift-wrapped opportunity that we’ve been looking for to gain an edge that can help propel our sports programs to the highest levels of success we all want. This could be our moment; and collectively, I believe to my core that we would be unmatched in this endeavor together. This opportunity before us is the primary reason I took on this role and awesome responsibility for this University I love so much!

One thing we know for certain, whether you love NIL or hate it – it’s the reality in college athletics today. And that means, quite simply, if we want our Razorback sports programs to continue to compete and win, we give them the best chance by building the strongest NIL Collective possible. The rules are clear that, at least at present time, the support must come from outside of the athletic department and University. That means it cannot come from ticket sales or TV contracts. It must come from outside support: the fans, supporters and businesses who love the Razorbacks. And yes, we are pursuing support from ALL of those groups, and EVERY bit counts. Big or small.

 So, we have a decision to make. We have the opportunity to again BRING THE EDGE as we always have for our Razorbacks. Are we going to do that, or are we going to allow other programs to possibly leave us behind? While nothing is guaranteed, the outcome of the second option seems like almost an absolute certainty if we don’t embrace and support NIL.

To help boost us towards achieving the highest levels of success, Arkansas Edge, with some help from many of our friends, is announcing the Drive For Five membership campaign. The goal is to get to 5,000 members as quickly as possible. EVERY membership helps get us closer to the goal.

But this isn’t just about us – we want members to benefit too!

We have established phases with milestones as we drive towards 5,000 members. When a milestone is reached, new membership benefits will be unlocked and announced. Achieving each milestone will also unlock multiple giveaway drawings that EVERY member has a chance to win – new members, current members, and all membership levels can win. Prizes will include signed memorabilia, prizes from partners, exclusive tours and experiences, and sideline passes and tickets for sporting events throughout 2024.

We will announce the giveaway prizes and new member benefits on social media and on www.arkansasedgenil.com/driveforfive as we achieve each milestone and enter a new phase. And while this campaign is focused on fan club memberships, EVERY large contribution and EVERY business partnership will have a massive impact along the way too.

Razorback Nation, this opportunity is ours if we take it. EVERY membership, EVERY contribution, and EVERY partnership helps us create NIL opportunities which can give our athletic programs the best chance of competing and winning. Please consider joining the membership club today and helping Arkansas Edge Drive For Five!


Chris Bauer

Executive Director

Arkansas Edge

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